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All services come with personalized certificates.

Photographic services available for an additional fee.

Wedding Ceremony 
Whether it is a traditional, same-sex, or interfaith wedding, we help you plan, and officiate the perfect ceremony that will create memories that last forever. We work closely with you to include your friends and family in many meaningful ways to play a part in your special day.
Furry Friends 
Your furry friends bring you unconditional love everytime you need it. The Blessing of Our Pets has become popular. Plan for blessing your pets, your friend's pets...and all the pets in the neighborhood!!!
 Vow Renewal 
Remembering the committment you made to your life-long love should be a special event that you can renew at anytime. 10, 25, 50 years and more mark milestones that can be commerated by refreshing your promise to one another many times throughout your life together.
 Funeral and Memorial  
Although one's passing is an unwelcomed event that can't be avoided, allow us to help you and your family face these difficult times with support, respect, and dignity for your family and the loved one who has been lost in life, but will live on in your memories.
Growing Family 
There are many different ceremonies that can be held to welcome a new born child into your family. A baby naming cermony can be performed for newborn or adopted children of both genders, and of all faiths in any way you wish.
 New Home
They say that home is where the heart is. Turn your house into a home by creating a ceremony of your choosing that will make your home one that invites love, harmony and protection.
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